I did a residency with British artists in Marrakech, creating work inspired by our impressions of the city. My piece was inspired by Marrakech's main square and tourist attraction, Djema el Fnaa. It's a wonderfully chaotic place full of juice and food stalls, snake charmers, acrobats and story tellers. However, the competition for tourist cash is very stiff, especially amongst the juice wagon owners. They will try to attract the tourists by waving and making strange hissy noises. For tourists this can be quite an intimidating behaviour, and more often than not scares them away. This behaviour made me imagine the juice wagons as strange beasts, who live on cash money. They prowl the square in hissing packs, always ready to pounce on tourists stuffed with delicious dollars. One wrong step is all it takes. Oh dear... But of course the majority of the sellers are decent people. They won't hassle the tourists - who in turn are less reluctant to approach them. Everyone wins! Special thanks to fellow illustrator and all-round amazing guy Daniel Locke, who created the hilarious tourist characters for my set. Looking good, Dan! Exhibited at Rempart Gallery, Marrakech. Thanks to AND'ART / Terre Sans Frontiere.