I was one of the winners of Ralph Laurens Art Stars 2011. Each artist was asked to reinterpret a wooden star covered in denim, drawing on iconic American imagery for inspiration. I learned a lot about America from TV and films, so it seemed only appropriate that my star should reflect Americas love for entertainment: from Hollywood and Broadway musicals, to casinos and fairgrounds. I thought the humble light bulb would make the perfect visual element, as it's practically the basic building block of the glitzy world of show biz. Displayed at Maison De Bonneterie in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Photo by Rosa Maria Koolhoven. The back was inspired by the bold patterns and colors of fairgrounds . Massive thanks goes out to Christian Nyampeta for teaching me the basics of electricity. I'm also very thankful to artist Jasper Joffe who gave me a studio to work in, as well as much appreciated advice and assistance during the project.